HOW TO SAVE "favorites" and "share"

Each client (and each viewer) may save their favorite images.  How is this helpful?


Let's say you recently received a link to your daughter/son's wedding images.  There may be 600 images and you do not have time to go through all of them at one sitting.  So you can save some of your favorites as you go through them to print later or from which to design an album.  When you open your link again you can resume or review all of your favorites and decide upon which ones you might like to cull out to get a smaller number for an album or prints.  Make sense?

Here's how to do this:   

After your wedding or portrait session I will post all of your images online.  When you go to your link to see your images you will be able to save your "favorites".  If you save them on your phone (or iPad) OR on your desktop (laptop) the instructions may be slightly different.  

Here's how it looks on your phone:

1) once you are in the link sent to you tap on the top right "select photos" until it changes to "add to favorites"

select-photos-button-top-rightselect-photos-button-top-righthow to navigate to begin favorites folder

2) tap on that same button  "add to favorites" and you will open a dialogue box

3) tap on the "select photos to add" selection

select-photos-to-add-select-photos-to-add-select photos to add

4) then pick a few images by tapping on the image you like and go back up to the "add to favorites" button and click it again.  You will be prompted to log in or create an account to save your Favorites-click continue


5) If you previously logged in enter your info or hit forgot your password OR you can Create an Account

6) once your account is registered you will see a window highlighted on the top left of the page.  This is where your Favorites folder can be found.  It will automatically be sent to me to update your selections...just let me know when you are finished selecting your images by texting or email/call me


7) after you create you Favorites you can change your selections and remove any duplicates by clicking on the bottom right corner of your image...once you have finished everything you can click at the TOP right "Share Favorites" - then select "Share to Photographer" (that's me) or "Share to a friend" if you want to create a collection and copy the link to paste into an email or text etc


I hope this helps guide you.  Call me if you get stuck