Pet Photography - Chapel Hill

It is a fabulous time of year to create portraits of your pet (after the heat/before the cold) in Chapel Hill NC.  Pet Photography is one of my favorite specialties, not only because it can be challenging and exciting, but because your pet is just as important to your family unit as your children are to you.  Once a pet gets sick it is tough to get a photo scheduled.  An individual Pet Portrait (or a Family Portrait complete with your beloved pet) is a treasured heirloom for your whole family.  As a photographer I challenged myself to set up a portrait of my family with our favorite dog, Jet 1 year before his untimely illness.  I am so grateful we took the time to do this because we never anticipated losing him.  I urge others to document and preserve the memory of their families in that special clip of time so I decided to follow my own suggestion.  Ug, I HATE getting my picture taken.  But slowly I have learned that pictures are not for me, but for the rest of my family.  Now our family portrait is in our living room on the wall.  As I write this I think it is probably time to create a new portrait with our current pup.  This portrait is the current love of our lives, Wolfgang. Isn't he handsome?  Let's get pet portraits of your sweet best friend scheduled soon!