Dog and Pet Photos | Chapel Hill Carrboro

Pet and Dog Photos are probably my favorite and most rewarding specialty among Family Portraits. Pets, just like children, quickly adapt, learn what is expected of them and can sniff out an agenda. Puppies seem to be even more aware of what’s coming next and dart in the exact opposite direction. How then can an owner ever expect to create images of their pet while keeping control too?  It’s a challenge!  As a family and pet photographer I have already mastered the camera, lighting and technical aspects of photography so adding a little darting monster to the mix is only one uncontrollable variable. This image is 13 week old Nala, an amazingly fast daschund puppy who loves to dash about first thing the morning after she gets her fill of kibble and snuggles. We found a cute patch of wildflowers and indirect sunlight to run her creating active captures of her in her puppy glory. Whether your dog is young, middle aged or getting a few grey hairs like  get some heart-melting photos for you to enjoy forever. Our Pets are our family!!